10 Things To Do in Kathmandu

Okay, so first I am going to say that obviously I am no expert. There are probably bloggers out there who have spent a lot more time in Kathmandu than I have! But these were the things that I really enjoyed in Kathmandu.  So I won’t say they are the best things to do, but they are cool things to check out!

Try the local food

I’ve never had Nepali food until coming to Nepal, and wow, was I missing out.  The food here is so good! Definitely try the Momo’s, which are their version of dumplings.  Another can’t miss food is the Dal Bhat, which you can find everywhere- even in the mountains.

Take the bus to Bhaktapur

The entire town of Bhaktapur is a UNESCO world heritage site, and it is absolutely beautiful. All of the squares, the old buildings, and the history just made this town feel magical to me.  I probably could have spent the night there, if I had the time.  The local bus there was definitely an adventure, but it was worth it!

Explore Boudhanatha Stupa

This is also a UNESCO world heritage site, and for good reason- it is one of the largest Stupa’s in Nepal. It is huge, and absolutely lovely.  Although I am not religious, I understand why people would travel thousands of miles to see this, to walk around it.

Pashupatinath Temple

This is a Hindu temple located on the Bagmati river, and is (surprise) also a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It is also where they burn their dead.  It is a powerful place, and definitely worth checking out.

Patan Dubar Square

Patan was the first place I went to in Kathmandu- I was staying with a couch surfer, and she showed me around the area.  It was awesome, and really different from the city center in Kathmandu.

Swayambhu Stupa

The second place I stayed in Kathmandu was right down the road from this temple, and It was stunning. It was a bit of a walk to the top, but had lots of cool things to see, and there were monkeys everywhere!

Hang out with the monkeys

I did not know that there were monkeys in Kathmandu.  They are actually everywhere, especially near the temples.  The babies are so cute, and I probably have 10000 monkey photos on my phone now #noregrets.

Get lost in the back alleys

The number of times I got lost in Kathmandu (and Bhaktapur) were ridiculous. I thought I knew where I was going, and then I would check my map and find out I was heading in the absolutely wrong direction.  That lead me to head down lots of back alleys, and they were so cool! There were little shops everywhere, and local restaurants that were much cheaper than in the touristy areas.

Find A Local Band

At two different times in this trip I ended up at a bar where there was a live band playing, making it feel more like a rock concert than anything else. Both times, it was amazing! The energy, the music, the atmosphere, all reminded me why I love traveling.  Definitely do some exploring of the local bars, and look out for live music!

Go Shopping in Thamel

Thamel is definitely a touristy area- It is where most people stay before they head out trekking, and therefore has lots of shops.  It has anything you would need for a trek, but also lots of local shops with jewelry, art, and yak wool scarfs.


Have you been to Kathmandu? Let me know below in the comments?

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