Nice is nice. And so is Barcelona

So there was a time in my last blog post where I thought I would be able to post more often.  But here we are, months later, and I am finally posting this.  Did you really think I would be on top of my life by now? Anyways…

The French Riviera.   Most of what I knew about the south of France was what I gathered from Agatha Christie novels and the occasional movie set back in the 60’s when rich people would go vacation there.


We took the train from Lake Como to Nice, which involved a few transfers and more than a few bottles of wine.  The views from the train were pretty incredible, although short lived.


The place we stayed in Nice was right on the water, and the view was gorgeous.  I absolutely love the ocean, and while we didn’t really go swimming, just being near the water made me happy.


Nice, being close to the border of Italy, had an interesting mix of French and Italian culture- lots of pasta, but lots of French food as well.  There was a great market in old town, with lots of fresh food, flowers, and at night, they sold jewelry.


We took a day trip to Eze, which is this tiny town on top of a mountain.


The view was incredible.  I had written in my bucket list to visit the garden in Eze, which was definitely worth it.  You had to go to the very top of the town.


It was full of interesting plants, like Cacti, but the best part were these statues of women, with poems about them.  I loved it.


In Nice, I tried a Nicoise Salad, which was delicious, and even ate fresh octopus- once I got over the tenticles, it tasted pretty great.  I think I may talk about food too much on this blog.  Sorry.  I really love food though.  Its such a huge part of each culture, that I don’t know how to not talk about it.  Plus eating food is awesome.  I am eating as I am writing this.


Anyways.  After Nice, we took a flight to Barcelona.  Barcelona felt so much bigger than Nice, and was beautiful in a different way.  While Nice felt like a small old town, straight from one of my favorite novels, Barcelona was buzzing with energy, full of modern culture.


I was sick during our time in Barcelona, so while I didn’t get to experience the wild night life that I had heard so much about, I refused to miss out on our day explorations. We went to a market full of fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, fish.


We went to Park Guell, which was designed by Gaudi.  It was stunning.  The style that Gaudi uses is extremely unique.


We also saw La Sagrada Familia, which is a church that he designed that is still being built.


The outside reminds me of the drippy castles that we made in the sand as kids, while the inside was styled like giant trees.  It was incredible.

We also went to the Olympic stadiums in Barcelona, which was a different kind of history.


Overall, it was a whirlwind of travel throughout just two weeks.  We took a day trip to Switzerland, ate paella in Barcelona, and enjoyed the beaches of Nice.  And then I flew back to the US.  My European travels were over.  TSA let me back in the US with just a few new passport stamps and my memories of the adventures (and my giant suitcase, of course).


Now that I am done chronicling my journey through Europe, I’ll start writing about what I have done since I got back, and my plans for the future, and hopefully the next post will be next week, not next year.


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  1. PhilB

    May 25, 2016 at 8:29 pm

    Love your blog!!! Keep writing.

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