Baltimore and DC

Washington DC.  That city has been my home for the past four years, and at the end of July, I left.  So needless to say, it had to be a stop on my journey across the country.

But first, let’s start with Baltimore.

Even though Baltimore is so close to DC, I have only been there once before.  This time, I went mainly to visit my amazing friend who let me crash on her couch for a few days, and even took a day off work to hang out with me.


Baltimore is beautiful, especially the harbor.  I basically love anywhere that I can see the ocean, and so sitting onto of Federal Hill eating fudge and watching the water was a pretty great day.


As you know, I spent a semester in Italy, so I know good Italian food.  Germano’s Piattini has some of the best
Italian food that I have ever tasted.  My friend and I sat at this restaurant for about 4 hours, drinking wine and ordering course after course.

My favorite was probably the Polpo Alla Griglia, which is grilled octopus with squid ink vinaigrette, which was over a risotto. The fusilli al mascarpone e porcini (mushroom pasta) looked underwhelming but tasting incredible.

By the time we got to our fourth course, we both thought that the Tiramisu would be only okay. But then I took a bite and damn, was it amazing. I should probably stop talking about food now.

Anyways, the next day we went to the Aquarium, which is probably one of the best in the US.  It had pretty much any sea life that you could imagine, and we spent a ridiculous amount of time watching the fish and sharks swim around.


Next up was DC. Although I don’t love DC as a city, it will always have a special place in my heart, especially since my friends all still live there. They also all have real people jobs, so I did some wandering on my own.


I spent a day at the Arlington Cemetery, and while it was cool to see, it was so goddamn hot out I probably lost 5 pounds of sweat. Back when I was living in DC, I never made it to Arlington Cemetery, so it was cool to see the changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I recommend going, but definitely do not go when it is 90 with 100% humidity.


I spent the next day going to my favorite museums on the mall.  I went I really went back to DC to say goodbye to my friends who live there, and it was great to see them all again, to do one last trivia night. It was hard saying goodbye to the city and people who have been my home for the past four years, but I know that I will see them all again.

Sorry to get mushy on you, lets get back to travel.  I haven’t been posting much (as usual) because I am currently backpacking across Australia, so I don’t pull my laptop out too often. I will attempt to keep writing, though no promises!

Next post will be about Chicago!

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