Celebrating Chocolate Day

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Last weekend was Valentines Day! I’ve always been indifferent about the holiday, usually just celebrating with friends and chocolate and lots of wine (#singlelife). This year I got to go to the Chocolate festival in Terni, Italy, which is allegedly the birthplace of St. Valentine! We were told it is also where he was buried, and after asking a local and being stared at like we were crazy, we discovered that he is buried in Dublin. We went to the festival on the 13th, but managed to eat enough chocolate, cannoli and various other sweets to hold me over for the next month.  It was a pretty good day to say the least.


me valentines day 2:14:15            On the 14th, which is actually Valentines Day, one of my really good friends came to visit! It was a bit of a struggle getting him here (not having data + trying to meet up with someone who doesn’t know the area at 2 am= disaster). He made it though, and on Sunday I got to show him around the amazing city that is Rome.

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I took him to the Coliseum and Forum, where there was a carnival parade happening! The people on the floats unfortunately chose to only throw confetti on me, and missed him completely. It got everywhere.
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This was my first time actually going into the Coliseum, the forum, and Palatine hill. As incredible as I find the Coliseum and Forum, Palatine hill was probably my favorite. I love mythology, and standing on the alleged hill where Romulus and Remus were saved and raised by the she-wolf goddess Lupa was pretty awesome. The views were also a big plus.

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He of course wanted to try Pizza, so his first day we had that. The second day I managed to cook him Spaghetti Carbonara, and it actually tasted very similar to the one I had at the cooking class. Overall, I think I managed to make his stay enjoyable and convince him the Rome is the best place to study abroad ever.

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I have been trying to eat really healthy and work out while I am here. My health is really important to me, and after eating basically nothing but carbs my first week here, I realized I had to make some changes if I wanted to keep up with my new years resolutions. While I haven’t been able to find everything I want (Where to the Italians keep their oatmeal and blenders? I haven’t seen either) I have been managing to eat a lot of veggies and lean meats.

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My breakfasts generally consist of a yogurt and a blood orange (I miss my green smoothie and oatmeal though), and my dinners are packed full of veggies and grains. I have been trying to stand by the-fit-foodies logic of how a plate should look: Half your plate should be veggies and spinach (or other dark greens), then a quarter should be meat (about a fist size amount), and the other quarter low gi-carbs (like grains or starch vegetables), with a small amount of healthy fat source (like avocado).

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I also joined the gym that has a deal with AUR, and have been taking Pilates 3-4 times a week. I really enjoy Pilates, but I wish that there are yoga classes that fit with my schedule. I might just by a yoga mat and do YouTube videos. I discovered using a towel does not work as a yoga mat, unless you really like slipping around and falling during poses. 100% do not recommend trying.

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Next time Ill be writing about my day trip to Ostia Antica!

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