Darwin and Perth

Flying back from Thailand (and Singapore) was an adventure, and the next morning, I finally arrived in Darwin, sleep deprived and looking for a bus (spoiler alert, the bus never came).

I really didn’t know what to expect from Darwin- from the map I could tell it was a small city, but I was arriving at 6am, and since I was coming straight from Thailand, I did absolutely no research before arriving.

Darwin was interesting.  It was insanely hot, even though it’s their ‘cool’ season (I can’t call it winter), and seemed really low-key.  I spent the first day walking around, and discovering the coast line.

It is a beautiful city, and I was right about it being small- it’s easily walkable, even if the humidity makes you want to lie down and not move for a week.

They had a really cool night market on the beach on Sunday’s, so I headed over there for some street food and to watch the sunset.

What surprised me most about Darwin was its night life- A few friends at my hostel and I went out for drinks (on a Sunday) and stayed out until about 5:30 in the morning without even realizing it.

Even though it was so late early, I convinced them to lay on the ground with me and look at the stars- because it’s such a small city, the stars were absolutely gorgeous.

Most of my time in Darwin was spent relaxing- after Thailand, it was a great place to recharge before heading down to Perth to go job hunting. We played cards at the hostel, and had lazy days swimming in the pool and meandering around town.

I’ve had a lot of people tell me Darwin was their favorite city, but it was too small (and too hot) for me to say the same.  I really did enjoy my time there, but in one day I felt like I had seen all the sights.

So after a couple of days in Darwin, I said goodbye to my new friends and flew down to Perth.

I really loved Perth, a lot more than I thought I would.  Once again, I did no research before going, but I had a few friends I knew was going to be there, and found a lovely non-party hostel to stay in.

I spent a day walking all around Perth, through the Harbor (which is beautiful) and to Kings Park, which was gorgeous and had lovely views of the city. I even managed to go for a run, which I hadn’t done since being in Melbourne.

Perth had some awesome Museums, too- The Contemporary Art Gallery and the Perth Art Gallery were next door to each other, and had really interesting exhibits (one was all about sneakers).

Perth was also a really walkable city, but it seemed like there was more to do (and more people) than in Darwin.

I spent my time in Perth falling in love with the city, and found myself a job a few hours north.  I met up with old friends, and made new ones.

Since my time in Perth, I’ve been living in a tiny town, working as a barmaid bartender and trying to plan my next adventure.  Small town life is definitely interesting, although given that I work 7 days a week, is mostly uneventful.

That’s the thing about long term travel- you have awesome adventures one week, and then spend the next two months working in the outback to be able to afford to keep going.

It’s worth it though- even though I only have one month left in Australia (!!), I’m definitely going to be making the most of it. And after Australia? Don’t worry, I’m not heading home quite yet.

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