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This last week has been crazy. I officially became a King’s student (I have an id and everything), I rode the London eye, and I even accidentally saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace.


st james park 9:18:14The more that I do in this city, the more I want to live here. I have done so much in the last week, but barely even started crossing off everything I want to do. Some of the things I am waiting to do until my parents visit (hi mom and dad) because they will pay for it, like a tour of Parliament or going inside Westminster Abbey. I even heard that for a certain number of pounds (like 15) you could see inside Buckingham Palace. Other things I just haven’t gotten to, because I really only have been here for like 6 days. I have a whole semester to accomplish it all, though.

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Riding the London Eye was awesome. We went at night, and seeing the city light up just reminded me of all the possibilities that I have here. From the top of the eye, it seems like the city is infinite. There is nothing more exciting than being in a new city and realizing you have it all at your fingertips; a swipe of a Oyster card and you can get from St. Paul’s to Abbey road, Big Ben to Borough Market.

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The cool thing about London is, like D.C., you never run out of things to do. From walking down South Bank or exploring St. James Park, or just grabbing a pint with some friends, you can always find something new.

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London is also home to, or a stop for so many interesting people. On Monday night wee met a guy from Minnesota, who had quit his job and is now traveling Europe for 3 months. We grabbed a pint with him (at a bar called the Sherlock Holmes, which made me way to excited) and just talked about life and the rest of his travel plans. I find it so awesome how easy it is to strike up a conversation with a stranger, whether it be a native UK resident or a traveller passing through.


westminster abbey 3 9:15:14I am slowly learning the bus system in London, which is much easier than I anticipated. I have yet to ride the actual tube, though. It is double the price of the buses (even with an oyster card) and the buses are much more direct. A bus goes straight to Strand campus, which is where all of my classes are. There is also a pub in the student union, which has a great view of Thames river.

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This weekend I am attending Fashion week (kind of). Its Fashion weekend, which is at the end of fashion week but allows the not famous people (like myself) to pay a certain amount of money to get in and see some shows. I am ridiculously excited to go and take pictures and basically pretend I am someone important. I get to see the upcoming styles and designers, drink champagne, and take home a goody bag full of products. Don’t worry; I will post all about my experience after the fact.

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My birthday is in a few weeks, and I have a trip booked to Stonehenge and Bath for it. I also booked a trip to Amsterdam, but until those two events I am going to continue to explore and enjoy the most of London. There are so many things to do here, and I plan on seeing it all.

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