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Nicholas Oakwell Couture3 9:21:14London Fashion Week. A time where designers get to showcase their work, celebrities sit and pretend not to care, and fashion bloggers dress in ridiculous outfits to get noticed. Cut to fashion weekend: where non-famous people get to see some pretty cool up and coming designers and trends (for a certain amount of pounds).

Nicholas Oakwell Couture2 9:21:14Nicholas Oakwell couture1 9:21:14

I was lucky enough to be one of those non-important people who got to see fashion weekend. While I did not get to drink champagne while discussing whether the thread count is right on that dress over there (is that what designers or famous people talk about? I don’t actually know), I did get to sit front row to a trend runway walk and a designer runway walk.
trend fairytale ending8 9:21:14
trend fairytale ending6 9:21:14

The trends that we got to see were ‘One and Only’, ‘Candy Crush’, ‘Jungle Fever’, and ‘Fairytale Ending’. One and Only was all about blocking the same colors together, Candy Crush was all fun and bright colors, jungle fever was (as I’m sure you can guess) jungle inspired, and fairytale ending was based on fairytales (shocker).

nicholas oakwell couture19 9:21:14

Fairytale Ending was definitely my favorite. I can’t tell you if it was because I liked the clothes or had a lot of fun guessing what fairytale inspired what piece, but I thought it was the coolest out of all the trends.

trend fairytale ending4 9:21:14trend fairytale ending3 9:21:14

A couple hours and a disappointing cappuccino (I really wanted that champagne) later was the designer show. The designer that we got to see was Nicholas Oakwell Couture. If I had to choose between seeing a trend show or designer show, definitely go to the designer show. The clothes in this show was much more elegant, and even featured some dresses that I might actually wear (If I could afford it, so like in my dreams).

Trend fairytale ending2 9:21:14nicholas oakwell couture18 9:21:14


Overall, I would definitely recommend going to Fashion Week(end) if you ever get the chance. If I went again I would probably only do one show instead of two, but it was definitely an experience I won’t forget.

Nicholas oakwell couture16 9:21:14 Nicholas oakwell couture15 9:21:14
Nicholas Oakwell couture11 9:21:14

Nicholas Oakwell Couture8 9:21:14 Nicholas Oakwell Couture7 9:21:14

trend jungle fever2 9:21:14
trend candy crush2 9:21:14

trend one and only1 9:21:14

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