Impressions of London (Day 1&2)

I am in love with London. The accents, the buildings, the pubs; pretty much everything in London I like.

syracuse sky

Last night I used a cardigan as a blanket because I forgot to buy a blanket and a top sheet. Whoops. It worked out fine though. I was so exhausted from the 9+ hours of travelling, as well as the walk I took around London that I crashed immediately.


The plane ride over wasn’t too bad. I managed to watch 2 movies, read a whole book, and keep down some of the airline food. Unfortunately for me that was all that I ate until Sunday, and my plane had landed Saturday (and left Friday).


Although I have been doing lots of shopping for necessities (like blankets) and settling in the last two days, I still have the pleasure to stop and look around this amazing city. The combination of history and modernism is so apparent in the architecture and the people.

red phone booth9 9:13:14


Saturday night, after drinking a Guinness (and not eating, priorities) and exploring the neighborhood of where I will be living, a group of us managed to walk to St. Paul’s Cathedral and cross the London bridge. London at night is brilliant. Fun pubs, cheap drinks and beautiful sights all make up the streets at night.

st pauls cathedral 9:13:14

Sunday night was spent meeting new people and having strangely deep conversations about our significance in the universe and the government. The differences between how I grew up and how UK residents grew up is fascinating. 
I am still waiting for the culture shock to hit. I’ve always been a go with the flow type of person, and nothing here is shockingly different. My thoughts do have a slight British accent (my voice doesn’t though), so that’s new.

london bridge sign 9:13:14

I cannot wait for the rest of the semester and to see all that the UK has in store.



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