Lake Como

So my blog got deleted. Clearly it is back, but the content was originally deleted because I forgot didn’t get the email that told me I needed to pay money to repay to keep the blog running. Oops.


So I had to repost all the blog posts I had done. Sorry if you got like 23 emails from me in the last couple weeks.  I also haven’t actually kept up this blog. This semester was really busy, and it just got side tracked. I was always so exhausted between work, schoolwork, and trying to keep up a social life.  And that means that I still haven’t posted about my trip to Lake Como, Nice, and Barcelona with my family. In short, all 3 of those locations were incredible in their own ways.

lakecomo6The night before I took the train to Lake Como to meet my family, some friends and I decided to celebrate our last night in Rome. We started after our last finals going from bars near our apartment. We tried chocolate shots, made friends with some Brits on their holiday, and stayed out until 6am to watch the sunrise over the Tiber River. I only got a half hour of sleep before catching the train, but it was 100% worth it, and was an awesome ending to my time in Rome.


Lake Como was absolutely stunning. We stayed in the town Varenna, and took trips to both Bellagio and Menaggio. All three are on Lake Como, and all three were gorgeous.


We ate incredible food, and explored the small towns. We hiked up the hills, tried 50 different flavors of gelato, and took a ferry across the lake.

lakecomo9It was like stepping back into another time. The streets were so narrow that there weren’t many cars, and there wasn’t even an elevator in our hotel (I know because I had to lug my giant study abroad suitcase up like 3 flights of stairs).   We could walk to local cafes to get our morning coffee, and drink it with a beautiful view of the lake.


We even took a day trip to Switzerland. The border to Switzerland is on a neighboring lake, Lake Lugano, and so we spent a day exploring Lugano, which was an interesting mix of Italy and Switzerland. Lots of overpriced chocolate, but definitely worth the view.


Lake Como and Lugano felt like fairytale places. It definitely felt like a breath of fresh air, with the snow topped mountains and crystal lakes. Although we never saw George Clooney, it was definitely worth having to hop off the kind of still moving extremely slowed down train to get there.


Next post will be about Nice and Barcelona! Hopefully it will not take me another 6 months to write.


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