Leaving London

Leaving London was hard. In only 3 short months I had made this city my home, and they were asking me to leave? It was crazy. I had made so many new friends, and became closer with some existing friends. Also, while London was cold, Syracuse is absolutely freezing, and I was not ready for sub-zero temperatures.

Somerset Ice skating me 11:24:14

My last weeks in London were great. Besides the 8 essays I had to write. That sucked. But I guess I had to do work at some point, so the last two weeks of the semester were spent crying internally and staring at my laptop screen, trying to write about ‘Why Intelligence is so hard to Define’ and some other essays that I honestly don’t even remember the topics of. My last essay was due Jan 12th, and I managed to put that off until about Jan 9th. I am definitely a skilled procrastinator.

Somerset Iceskating2 11:24:14

Besides the Essay writing, though, the last couple weeks were pretty great. I learned that ice-skating is nothing like riding a bike (you know, picking it up easy even if you haven’t done it a while), and hockey skates are nothing like figure skates. My friend and I went skating at the Somerset house, and it took me 45 minutes of the hour we spent on the ice to pick skating up again. On the plus side, I only fell once! That’s gotta count for something. I hope.

Somerset Ice skating 11:24:14

I went to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, and although it was freezing was pretty awesome. Getting there (and home), however, was not. The buses refused to go out that way and the tube was crowded as hell. The winter wonderland made the hellish trip worth it.

Winter Wonderland5 11:29:14

I had never been to a fair in the winter (Syracuse is like Jack Frosts dream home) so going on rides in the cold was definitely a new experience.

Winter Wonderland4 11:29:14Winter Wonderland3 11:29:14

We only went on two rides, one with an unexpected funhouse before the roller coaster (I had to walk across little wobbly blocks in water, very difficult in heels), and the other in pitch black with lots of drops and spinning in circles. The hot chocolate with Amoretto was definitely needed after the rides.

Winter Wonderland6 11:29:14

I also went to the Christmas market in Canary Warf, which was surprisingly disappointed. I got to meet up with one of my close friends, so that made the half-hour long tube trip worth it. And the hot chocolate with baileys. The Christmas market only had about 5 stands, and shouldn’t even be called a market to be honest.

Somerset Ice skating tree 11:24:14

Overall, though, it was a great last couple of weeks in London, and I will definitely miss the city. I am ready for my next adventure. Well mentally ready, I still have quite a bit of packing to do before I leave for Rome. Wish me luck!

Winter Wonderland2 11:29:14Winter Wonderland1 11:29:14

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