London Bridge is falling down…

The one thing I had low expectations for in London was the food. But London definitely delivered when it comes to good taste: the food markets, the Thai and Indian food, even the basic fish and chips keeps me coming back for more.

lamb burger and venison hot dgo 9:20:14

A couple weeks ago my friend Jamie and I went to Borough Market for lunch/dinner (linner? Dunch?) after exploring London bridge, the Tower of London, and All-Hallows-by-the-tower church. While Borough Market had some amazing food choices (the cheese alone made me want to cry with joy), Jamie and I were both tempted by the London spin on some classics.  I got a Lamb burger that had sharp cheddar, chili jam, and mixed greens, while Jamie got Venison sausage with sautéed onions and mixed greens. Needless to say we enjoyed our choices.

All Hallows by the tower, 9:20:14

Tower Bridge is gorgeous. I definitely wanted to sneak into one of the towers and climb to the top, but my conscious (Jamie) pointed out that one of them has a civilian entrance (that you pay for, so we didn’t do it.) We did walk across the bridge, and you could literally picture the history that had taken place on it. This feeling of the past didn’t even compare to how we felt when we saw the Tower of London.

london bridge 6

Although we didn’t go inside Tower of London either (I’m cheap and waiting for my parents to come and pay), we walked around the whole thing (probably twice, we got a little confused).

tower of london archer 9:20:14

My favorite parts of the tower were either the fake archer they had at the top, or traitors gate. Traitors gate has so much history behind it that we tried guessing how Anne Boleyn felt going through it, whether she sat with poise or if she was frightened (and she didn’t even know she was going to be killed!)

Traitors gate 9:20:14me tower of london 9:20:14

One of the cool finds was the basement of All-Hallows-by-the-tower church. There was essentially a mini museum in the basement that we got to explore. My favorite part was the ‘melted lead’, which was left as a reminder of the destruction that the church suffered during the bombings of WW2. The plaque next to it describes how on December 29th, 1940 a bomb went straight through the east window, and destroyed much of the center of the church. Three weeks after that, the church suffered through firebombs. The heat was so intense that the roofing lead melted, and ran down the walls. I just find that story, that little piece of history left, so absolutely incredible.

melted lead 9:20:14barrel 9:20:14

I know I promised that I would talk about Fashion week in this post, but there are so many pictures from it I will do a separate post dedicated to it! 

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