Lost in the Eternal City

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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I will never get over how incredible and beautiful Rome is. There is a reason Rome is called the eternal city. There are parts of ancient Rome built around and into the buildings. This city is incredible, and I can’t believe that I will be living here for about four months.

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I have been here for about 6 days, and have already walked around the Vatican, ate some amazing Gelato at Giolitti (if you are ever in Rome go there it is incredible), seen the Pantheon, booked 2 trips, seen the Spanish steps, walked past the Coliseum, ate Pizza and lots and lots of Pasta, and done countless other things.

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I love just walking around the city, seeing its history and grabbing some food from these crazy whole in the wall restaurants. The food is so incredible here; I swear if I didn’t have to walk up like 50000 steps to get to school I would get so fat.   My favorite thing so far is the Gelato. And the Pasta. And the Pizza. Okay I love pretty much everything here. Even the food at the grocery store is better than in America.

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But this city, this is a city you will never be bored in because there is always something new to try around the corner. They say the best art is in the churches, and I can’t disagree. Walk in a church on any street and you will wonder why anyone would ever want to leave Rome.

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When we went to the Vatican, I was able to use all my useless Greek and Roman history about the Gods and myths, as well as my vague memory of being there before, and inform my friends all these facts that they probably didn’t want to know. It was still pretty awesome though.

Piazza Santa Maria2 1:21:15Everywhere we have gone, from the Spanish Steps to the Coliseum, there are Piazzas, and where there are Piazzas, there are men trying to sell you ‘selfie sticks’. Of course I bought one. How else can we take group shots without worrying if a stranger is going to run off with our Phone? How else can we humiliate ourselves just a little bit in front of the locals every chance we get? Not going to lie, its actually pretty useful. I just wish that the men selling them would listen when we say “NO grazie” and back off, instead of following us around.

Tiber river birds 1:21:15

My favorite Piazza so far is the Piazza de Santa Maria, which is in Trastevere (where I live/go to school). I definitely see myself going there to eat gelato and people watch. It isn’t a very touristy area (no selfie stick men) so maybe I will learn to fit in with the locals and even get better at Italian!

garden1 1:21:15

When I went to the grocery store the first time, an old lady walked up to me and asked me something in streaming Italian. Of course I just started at her blankly before muttering “No Italiana, Engliese” or something to that extent, and she nodded and walked off. But she thought I was a local! She thought I knew what she was saying! It was a very proud moment for me.

Roma1 1:21:15

In contrast, I was spotted as an American by two young Italian men who called me a “cheerleader” as they walked by. I don’t even know what that means, but I don’t think it is a compliment. Come on though, I am definitely not peppy and I wasn’t even wearing a skirt.

Spanish steps1 1:21:15

I can’t wait to spend more time in this city, start classes (I have a class in two hours!) and explore all that Italy has to offer.

Walk to school 1:21:15


Coliseum1 1:22:15

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