So I meant to write this post about 2 months ago, but this summer just flew by. I have been busy working and moving and watching Netflix that I just haven’t had time to work on this blog. I’m just kidding about the Netflix. Mostly.


Anyways, its time to talk about one of my favorite trips that I have ever taken, which was to Marrakech, Morocco.


In a few words, it was incredible. My friends and I did the trip through BusToAlps, which is a program, mainly for college students studying abroad, that essentially plans the whole trip for you. They picked us up at the airport, reserved the hostel, took us on tours around the city, provided multiple meals, taught us about customs, took us camel riding and provided means to hike the Atlas mountains and have tea with a Berber family.

The city of Marrakech was such a refreshing change. As much as I love Europe, after a while, the cities start to look the same, and Marrakech looked nothing like Europe. Everything was so inexpensive, and the markets, or souks, were filled with interesting people and trinkets. I bought jewelry, scarfs, fresh squeezed orange juice, and saw monkeys and snakes with their captors ‘trainers’.


I had a full hammam spa treatment one of the days, which was awesome. It involved stripping down, sitting in a sauna, being scrubbed down , more sauna sitting, more scrubbing down, some washing, and ended with a Argon oil massage. You would not even believe how much dead skin you are carrying around on your body until you go to a hammam bath. All in all, the experience is definitely something that I would 100% do again because it was awesome and relaxing and I felt like a whole new person. Seriously. Do it if you ever get the chance.


The food in Morocco was incredible. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was my first time ever eating Moroccan food, but I was not disappointed. The Tagine, couscous, and Chicken Pastilla were probably my favorites. The flavors were incredible, with a unique blend of spices.




It was all so different than anything I had ever tasted before. Just writing about it is making my mouth water. We also had lots and lots of mint green tea, which tasted incredible, so incredible that I brought home 3 full bags of tea before even had a tea infuser.


Hiking in the Atlas Mountains was awesome, although more difficult than I expected. Bus to Alps told us there was a light hike, but it wasn’t hard, and didn’t even mention to bring sneakers (luckily, I did, but not everyone in my group had thought to).


The ‘light’ hike actually required you to climb over boulders, across rickety bridges, and at one point was so steep you actually needed a ladder to continue. It was worth it, and absolutely beautiful, but I definitely struggled a little given I had twisted my ankle not even an hour before when we went camel riding. The views made the hike worth it, though.



I would jump at any chance to go back to Morocco. I would love to spend some time riding across the desert by camelback, hiking more of the Atlas mountain, and of course eating more of the delicious food.


This trip will always stick out in my mind, because it was so different from anything I had experienced before hand. It made me realize how many more cultures there are out there for me to experience, and how many more continents I have left to visit. I barely touched the tip of Africa (literally, Morocco is on the northern coast), and haven’t even started with Asia and South America.


Next post will be about traveling with my Family to Lake Como, Nice, and Barcelona!

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