Top 10 Favorite Things About Sri Lanka

Adams Peak

Adams Peak is a pilgrimage for many different religions, known for the “sacred footprint” near the summit. In Buddhist tradition it is believed to be the footprint of Buddha, in Hindu the footprint of Shiva, and Islamic and Christians believe it to be the footprint of Adam.  You can hike it at sunrise, and although it is long and exhausting, definitely check it out when you are there.

Train to Ella

This train ride is famous for a reason.  It is beautiful, showing the mountains of Sri Lanka.  Honestly, all of the train rides I took in Sri Lanka were stunning.  It can be hard to get seats, sometimes, especially if you are sitting in 3rd class, so try to get there early, and get a place sitting (or standing) by a window!

Giant Buddha in Kandy

Kandy is a lovely town, with a cool market and lakeside restaurants and temples.  My favorite thing, though, was the giant Buddha at the top of the town.  It is a bit of a hike to get to, but once your there, the view is worth it.  You can even climb the Buddha itself for a great view.

Udawalawe National Park

When I was planning my trip to Sri Lanka, I really wanted to go on a Safari.  I was originally planning on going to Yala National Park, but unfortunately, it was closed while I was there.

Luckily, I made a few friends who were planning on going to Udawalawe, and so I joined in on their safari.  It was amazing! We saw tons of elephants, peacocks, crocodiles, monkeys, and even a jungle cat.

Drinking Arrack (But maybe not at 8am)

Arrack is a local liquor, made from coconuts, and it tastes pretty terrible.  That didn’t stop us from drinking it though, because it was cheap and available pretty much everywhere.  It also works as a hangover cure, but if you drink it at 8am, be warned: you might end up covered in glitter 3 hours later, dancing on a beach in a different town than you woke up in.

The Beaches

As you know, I love anything to do with the ocean, and the beaches in Sri Lanka were gorgeous! There is surfing at some of the beaches, especially on the east coast, and you can even snorkel when the weather is good.

The People

All of the people I met in Sri Lanka were friendly and kind. All of the hostel and homestay owners were so welcoming and friendly, I felt as though I was staying with friends, instead of at a hotel.

The Food

After the food in India, I didn’t know what to expect in Sri Lanka.  Wow, I was surprised- the food here is amazing!  The curries, the string hoppers, the kottu, the sambol, pretty much everything I had was delicious! They are known for their seafood, but be careful of meat- I got food poisoning from one meal I ate (it was at a western restaurant, though, so eat local!)

Mango Shade Restaurant in Tangalle

Speaking of food, this restaurant had the best curry I have ever had.  It was probably my favorite meal that I had while traveling around Asia. It was so delicious, that we were practically licking the bowls.  It had so much flavor, so much spice, that I still dream about it. Go there, seriously.

The Tea

You can’t go to Sri Lanka without trying the tea- it is everywhere; given that they grow it!  You can explore the tea fields, and then drink a nice hot cup after a long day.

Honestly, Sri Lanka was one of my favorite countries, despite the fact that it was the only country I got food poisoning in.  I had an amazing time there, and would love to go back and see some of the places that I missed.

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