New Years Resolutions

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I fully believe in New Years Resolutions. I always try to stick to mine, and about half the time I succeed! For example, 3 years ago I made a new years resolution to be a pescetarian (I ate seafood but no other meat), and I stuck with it for 2 years. I only stopped the summer before I went abroad because I didn’t want to limit myself while traveling, and I believe local food is as important to a culture as anything else and wanted to experience everything.

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I made a bunch of resolutions this year. Some small, some big. I am trying my best to stick to them, but it’s hard to do so when travelling and not having a set schedule. But as Socrates said, “the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not fighting the old, but building the new”. I am not going to force things if they won’t work out. Life is always changing, and you have to work with the changes, instead of fighting them.
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I was in Puerto Rico for new years. Instead of a crazy party like the last couple of years, it was a quiet night with a good meal and good champagne. We sat on the Balcony and watched the fireworks over the beach.

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Puerto Rico was gorgeous, and it got me thinking about my life and the changes I want to make in it. Some of my new years resolutions were useful ones, like eat healthier and work out, recycle more, learn Italian, and own less stuff, while others are to mediate before going to bed and when I wake up, make sure to take a second to think about what I am grateful for.


One of my favorite resolutions is to work on taking pause during the day to just enjoy life. There is an Italian saying “Dolce far niente”, which literally translates to the sweetness of doing nothing. I think that concept is so wonderful, to enjoy doing nothing and love the life you live. Being in Roma now, I really get to enjoy life and explore the city, doing everything and nothing all at once.

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My Next post will be about my first week in Italy, so check back soon!

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