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I know. I am over a month behind on blog posts. But its finals week. I still have two essays to write. I leave London in 4 days. I am doing the best that I can.

View from st. Pauls 10:29:14

Way back at the end of October, my parents came to visit me for a week. It was wonderful. I ate real food, went to the Harry potter studios, saw the tower of London, we went to Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and borough market. Did I mention the real food?

National Gallery4 10:28.14

Not to say it wasn’t exhausting. Trying to fit London in a week for them was hard, and I get a little cranky walking around all day being with other people, even if they are my parents (sorry!). But still, it was awesome that they flew all the way over to see me and buy me food and wine.

National Portrait gallery tea 10:28:14

The first night they were there we had a steak dinner. I was in heaven, basically. We also went to this amazing Thai place that has meals for like 6 pounds and has the best panang curry I have ever tasted. It’s called Maries Café (and Thai), and its in Waterloo, so if you are ever in London looking to have your taste buds revolutionized, check it out. I have seriously gone there like 4 times since my parents have left.

Drinks w parents 10:24:14

Harry Potter Studios was amazing. I grew up reading the Harry Potter books, and remember waiting for the next book to come out or going to the midnight premiere of one (or most) of the movies. The series was (and is) such a big part of my life that it was amazing to see where they filmed the scenes, walk through the great hall, and see the magic happening. It was incredible, way better than my mom I expected.

hp studios82 10:25:14

We also went around the inside of the tower of London. That was pretty cool, and reminded my a lot of Edinburgh castle. Edinburgh castle won, though, because it was on a cliff. Cliffs beat rivers, sorry. I also didn’t go inside the oldest part because I wore heels and was dying I wasn’t feeling that great and needed to sit down for a while. Like I said, exhausting.

hp studios room under the stairs 10:25:14

For the first time in London I went to an afternoon tea. I gotta say, for tiny sandwiches, they were both delicious and filling. Not to mention the deserts. Those deserts. Heavenly.

hp studios56 10:25:14

We had afternoon tea in the portrait gallery, so we spent the time before that in the national gallery. I absolutely love the impressionists, so I was thrilled to see Monet and Van Gogh.

hp studios38 10:25:14hp studios29 10:25:14

One of my favorite things was climbing to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral. I have a thing about being high up. The higher, the better. I love the views. There are quite a few stairs, but its definitely worth the hike.

hp studios61 10:25:14hp studios35 10:25:14

All in all, I think I gave my parents a pretty good glimpse of London, and they definitely kept me well fed and happy. I can’t believe that I will be seeing them in a few days. I’m definitely not ready to say good bye to London.

hp studios72 10:25:14hp studios65 10:25:14

Next up will be my adventures with Waffles and Frites in Brussels!

hp studios54 10:25:14
hp studios Mirror of erised 10:25:14Hp studios26 10:25:14

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