Pugs, Not Drugs

Amsterdam. The city where rarely anything is criminalized, with lovely canals and unique museums.

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I loved Amsterdam. I would live there for a year, if I could. The beauty of the city and the culture attracts me in a way that I cannot quite articulate. There is just such a freedom of the life here.

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The hostel that we stayed at is called the Bulldog. It claims to be the first 5 star hostel, and I could understand why. While I missed the privacy of a hotel room, the hostel was clean, safe, and had lockers that we could keep our things in during the day/at night. The bathrooms were small, and I didn’t test out the shower, but the front desk provided towels.

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The Bulldog had a chain of cafes and coffee shops, which were a bit touristy but still fun. It was located in the centre of the red-light district, right on a canal. I loved the location, and while I can’t say if I would stay there again I did enjoy it while I was there.

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We spent quite a bit of time just exploring the city. It’s a pretty easy city to navigate, thanks to the canals.

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The Heineken Tour was pretty cool. While I wouldn’t say it’s a must see, if you like beer (you get like 3 glasses) and want to see how it is made, definitely go. The history of Heineken is definitely interesting and the tour is very well set up.

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The canal tour that we did could have been better. I definitely think that you should see the cities from the canals, but it would probably be better (and more fun!) to rent a boat yourself or do a dinner boat with an outdoor deck. It was hard to see all the city had to offer through the windows of the boat.

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If you do one thing in Amsterdam, it should be the Anne Frank house. The history, the emotions, the incredible journey that happened in that house is something that you should not miss.

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As Van Gogh is one of my absolute favorite artists, I made sure that I went to his museum. It was definitely interesting, but did not have as many of his works as I thought it would.

Even though we only had a few days there, it was enough for me to fall in love with the beauty and the culture of this city. I will definitely be back.


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