Quick Update- Where Am I?

Hi World!

I know, I haven’t posted on here in ages! I’ve been quite terrible at keeping this updated since coming to New Zealand.

I have been busy working on an island, and all my free time is (shockingly) not spent on my computer- I didn’t even get it out for the first few months!

A few weeks ago, my computer crashed, and so I am starting from scratch with a lot of the drafts I had written up.

Now that it is winter here, hopefully I will be able to start updating this regularly! No promises though! Although I love blogging, I love traveling and exploring more (why I started this blog in the first place!) and so my free time is dedicated to that.

Eventually I will write up the blogs for the rest of my Asia travels, and maybe even give you some updates on New Zealand!

Until then, keep exploring!
With love, from Wandering within Wolds

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