Saint Anything- Book Review

Title: Saint Anything

Author: Sarah Dessen



When I read this, I hadn’t read a Sarah Dessen book in a while, and I had forgotten how much I enjoy them.  They are always short and sweet, with just enough drama to keep you intrigued.

Sydney has always lived in her brother’s shadow.  She feels invisible, especially now that her brother is in jail- he hit a kid on a bike while driving under the influence, and her parents are still in denial about who he is, her mother especially. Sydney decides to switch schools, going to a larger public school, where she can really be anonymous.

She meets Layla and her brother, Mac, and soon becomes best friends with Layla and their group.   The whole Chatham family is so unlike her own, and she loves it, becoming close with them quickly.  She finally feels like she is becoming her own person, out from her brother’s shadow.



Sydney was really relatable to me, and reminded me of when I was in high school.  I think one of the reasons I click with Sarah Dessen books so often is I really relate to the characters, and this book is no different.  Sydney is struggling with keeping her family together, after her brother was sent to jail.

I really liked Layla. She had such a distinct personality, and her relationship with her family and friends are great.  I loved her interactions with the whole band- the witty banter was awesome, especially with Mac.

Mac was so adorable.  He was there for Sydney when she needed it, and she really needed it.  His history was really interesting, how he had changed and grown.
I also thought Sydney’s relationship with her brother, Peyton, was really well written.  Sydney definitely had some problems with him, but they were siblings, and working towards improving their relationship.  She also works on her relationship with her parents, which definitely develops and grows throughout the book.



The ending was quite open, which I liked. I also love how Sarah Dessen always includes these little hints of the characters from her other books, that they are all set in the same world.  Although this wasn’t one of my favorites of hers, it was still well written, with a great plot that deals with real issues.  The characters are relatable, and she write realistic people, in realistic settings, which is hard to do.

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