Shakespeare in love (with London)

So a key part of study abroad is the classes. I am taking four, and for the most part I like them. The set up of classes is different than in the US. At my university back home, we generally have classes twice a week, and assignments due every week or every other week, as well as midterms and finals (which can either be an exam or essay).

Here in London, for each class we have a two-hour lecture and a seminar each week. We only have readings until the final essay, and as study abroad students we have 2 essays due at the end of the semester.

V&A 2 9:23:14

If you are there for a full year, you will have an essay due before winter break and the final exam at the end of the year (classes are also a year long instead of a semester long).

Evan and I V&A 9:23:14

I think I prefer the way my home university does it, mostly because each assignment weighs less there than it does here.

jamie and I globe 10:1:14

A few weekends ago I went on the Camden pub-crawl. For 12 pounds, you get entry into 5 bars/clubs and a free shot at each. It was a place and definitely worth the money, if you are ever in London and like bars and people I would definitely recommend it. If you don’t like bars, drinks, or people, then I would advise against going.

outside globe 10:1:14One of the more amazing things that I have done so far was see a Shakespeare show at globe theatre. I saw a Comedy of Errors (great show, but kind of confusing). We were in the pit, so not only did we stand for the two+ hours (just like they did way back when) we also leaned against the stage as we watched.

Globe theatre 2 10:1:14

Although my feet and back were killing me by the end of the show, it was definitely a worthwhile experience.

walking bridge 10:1:14

Sorry this blog is a few weeks behind, but I am trying to catch up! Next blog post will be about my experience in Stonehenge, Bath and Brighton!

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