Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda: Book Review

Title: Simon vs. the Homo-Sapiens Agenda

Author: Becky Albertalli



This book was super cute.  Like beyond cute.  It was just so enjoyable to read.  Simon was a great character.  Simon is gay, but not out.  He has an email where he has a secret boyfriend (kind of).  He has three best friends, Nick, Abby, and Leah.  There is classic high school drama, cute moments between friends.  The emails between Simon and Blue were absolutely adorable, and I loved who Blue turned out to be (I totally guessed it at the beginning, but it was still adorable).  Apparently, they are coming out with a movie about this, and I definitely want to see it.


I really enjoyed all of the characters. Simon, his family, his friends, even his enemy, were all so well fleshed out and three dimensional.

Simon was funny, relatable, and just a bit awkward, which made him feel more real.  He was dealing with the fact that he didn’t know how to come out to his friends and family.  He wasn’t scared that they wouldn’t accept him, he just didn’t know how to tell them.

Simon’s friends, Nick, Abby, and Leah, were also really well developed characters.  He has been best friends with Nick and Leah since they were kids, and Abby was a new friend and new addition to the group.  It was really interesting seeing the dynamics between the characters, and I thought that it felt very accurate to high school. Even though Martin was actually the worst, he was also well developed, and added a lot to the story.

I loved all the interactions that Simon had with Blue, in the emails and in person.  It was well written, and it was great seeing how the relationship and the character’s developed through that storyline.


I loved this book! It was short and sweet, and brought back memories of what high-school is like.  I also loved that it was a gay protagonist having a relatively undramatic coming-out, and that they had a cute love story.  It’s really refreshing to see that in Young Adult, and I can’t wait to see how they transfer the book to a movie.

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