Sunny SoCal, where California girls are idolized, surfers are plenty, and the sun is always shining.  Literally, they really need some rain.  I quite enjoyed the constant beautiful days when I was there, though, so I’m not complaining.arrowhead13

I arrived to my friend’s house late at night, but we ended up staying up later than planned (talking about attractive mountains- we were pretty tired).  It was great having my own room to stay in, a real house, and most importantly, seeing my friend and her family. 

The next day was spent laying by the pool (which I did most days), seeing her family, and that night, we all headed out to see Luke Bryan perform.


The summer before, I had gone with the same friend to Luke Bryans kick the dust up tour, and so it was awesome seeing him again with her.  Little Big House played, and they all did shots on the stage.  Overall, it was a great concert.


The next few days were a blur of sunbathing, and exploring the town of Anaheim.  We saw the Movie Snowden, which was much better than I expected, went to a wine tasting class, and saw the Ducks play the Coyotes (Hockey, for those wondering).


We went to Huntington beach, had a delicious dinner at Dukes, and watched the presidential debates on a real TV (yeah, I know, I am so behind on this blog).


Her parents were so amazing to let me join in on their lives for 2 weeks without complaint, and I owe them so much.  I am so grateful to them for everything that they did for me.


That weekend, the four of us, and the two dogs piled into the car and headed up to Arrowhead for a cabin on a lake weekend.

arrowhead4 Arrowhead was an adorable little town, and their cabin was absolutely beautiful.  We spent the day boating around the lake before heading to the town for Mexican food and margaritas.


We watched the sunset from the lake, drinking ciders and feeling like fall finally came. They even let me drive the boat, and luckily I didn’t crash and burn.



We spent the next morning eating pumpkin donuts and boating around, before heading to town for Oktoberfest.  There was a sausage flinging contest, which was one of the more unusual things that I have ever seen.


Later, we took the dogs back on the boat, which was just as adorable as it sounds.  It was their first time out on the boat, and they were so excited and confused and happy.


The next morning, we took the boat out one last time for breakfast at the Waffle House, which involved literally all the breakfast food deliciousness.  Waffles and eggs and bacon and toast and hot chocolate, all in one delicious meal.


Back in Anaheim, I finally tried In&Out, which definitely lived up the the hype. I got a cheeseburger (obviously), animal style fries, and a shake.  It was all delicious, and I now understand the obsession.


Luckily, I was in Anaheim for my birthday, so I got to celebrate it at Disneyland with one of my closest friends.  We started off at California Adventure, heading straight to the legendary Tower of Terror.  I definitely had an idea of what it was, and I was wrong, but the ride was awesome. There was a back story and everything.  We got some drinks before heading to California Screaming and the Grizzly River Run.


Then, it was over to Disneyland.  There is something magical about Disneyland, and we were luckily there for their Halloween set up. There was a Mickey Mouse Jackolantern, a haunted house themed with Nightmare before Christmas, and all kinds of rides.  We headed straight over to Space Mountain, which was always one of my favorites over at Disneyworld when I was a kid.  We went to Indiana Jones, somehow managing to skip the entire line as single riders and still ride together.


We rode pirates of the Caribbean, Matterhorn, and finished off the night with Thunder Mountain.  It was an amazing birthday, all in all.


My last weekend in Anaheim was my friend’s birthday, and we celebrated the best way possible- with a wine tour.  All of her friends from town came down, and we spent the whole day on a party bus, drinking, eating, and bonding.  That night, we celebrated with more alcohol, a game of rage cage, and far too many tequila shots.  The next morning, as you can imagine, was rough.


Then it was time for me to leave Anaheim.  To leave America.  To leave all my friends and family behind, and venture off into the unknown, all the way across the globe.


Next post will be about Australia!


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