Someone Like You- Book Review

Title: Someone Like You

Author: Sarah Dessen




This book is all about relationships- the friendship between Halley and Scarlett, mostly. They are best friends, have been all their lives, and they support each other through out everything.  It also about the relationship that Halley has with her parents, that Scarlett had with Michael, and the Halley develops with Macon.

Scarlett had started dating Michael Sherwood over the summer, and at the end, he dies in a motorcycle accident. A few weeks later, Scarlett finds out she is pregnant.  She decides to keep the baby, with Halley supporting her through it all. Halley also starts dating Macon, classic bad boy and Michaels best friend.  He is more experienced then her, and pressures her to move faster than she feels comfortable with.  Halley’s relationship with her mother is also deteriorating (a theme throughout Dessen’s books).   Her mother is trying to keep Halley from changing, which just causes her to rebel more.


I absolutely loved Scarlett as a character.  She is so strong and fearless, not letting anyone or anything get to her (outwardly).  Her relationship with Halley is amazing- their friendship is so strong and unbreakable, and the fact that it is Halley at all of the birthing classes makes me smile. Halley seems a bit more relatable, because she was still trying to figure out life, and make her own path instead of being known as someone’s best friend or someone’s girlfriend. I kind of hated Macon.  He was a jerk, and I wanted to punch him for pressuring Halley into sleeping with him, or at least trying to.  He didn’t deserve her, tbh.


I definitely liked this book more than That Summer, Dessen’s first book. It had more of a plot, with Scarlett being pregnant, and all of the drama surrounding Macon.  It felt rushed at times, and I thought that some of the side characters could have used more development, as they felt flat and unidimensional.  It was also hard for me to sympathize with the parents in this book- they were either too controlling, or not involved at all.  Overall though, it is a great quick read, and I love Scarlett and Halley enough to make up for the flaws.

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