Spring Break Pt 1

Spring Break. The time where legendary college stories are born, where drinks are poured and tables are danced on. Both freshman and sophomore years my spring breaks were amazing. This year definitely did not disappoint, but it was not spent in the typical college fashion of partying and day drinking, it was spent exploring Venice, Cinque Terre, and Greece.

Venice7 3:13:15The first half of spring break was spent in Venice and Cinque Terre. Everywhere I go in Italy is so incredible and so different from anything else I have seen, and both of these cities have kept up with that trend.

Venice3 3:13:15Venice was spectacular. As I may have mentioned before, I love canals, so being in a city that is completely made up of Canals was an incredible experience. We got there at about 6 am, so our morning was spent sitting outside the train station watching the sun come up and waiting for a coffee shop to open so we can be awake. Those night trains are killer (overnight trains definitely beat overnight bus though).

venice12 3:13:15We got to take a water bus, which is basically the cheapest way to get around Venice (they also have water taxis if you’re fancy like that). I was fascinated how this city grew around the water, and how accustomed the city was to the canals. It was like nothing I had ever scene before.

Venice9 3:13:15The canals themselves were a whole other beauty. The water was astoundingly blue, but also murky and mysterious. I had heard stories of the mermaids and mysteries of Venice (is that a thing?), and now seeing the water I could understand how these myths began. I wanted nothing more than to see what was beneath the surface, but you couldn’t have paid me to jump in because of how freezing mysterious the water looked.

Venice14 3:14:15The food in Venice did not disappoint. I had a seafood pasta plate, which was delicious, and the restaurant gave us some free drinks, and nothing makes me happier than free things. We also had amazing gelato down the street from the airbnb we were staying in. The dark chocolate gelato literally tasted like I was eating a frozen brownie.

cinque terre53 3:15:15We ventured next to the coast to explore Cinque Terre. The hostel we stayed at was awesome, with the owner driving us to Riomaggiore in the morning and offering to come get us at night (we ended up taking the bus back).

cinque terre54 3:15:15Cinque Terre is a group of five small towns that have hiking paths that connect them. Unfortunately we were only there for one full day, and on the day that we were there the first part of the hike was closed, and there was a train strike, so we only got to explore one of the towns. I didn’t mind though, as it gave me an excuse to come back.

cinque terre52 3:15:15I had heard a lot of beautiful things about Cinque Terre, but it was nothing like I imagined. The houses and towns are built right into the cliffs, and looking out there is nothing but the sea. I absolutely love the sea, and even though it was way too cold to swim I got to hike along the rocks and drink hot chocolate over jaw dropping views. I would recommend everyone to go to Cinque Terre. It is definitely worth the sketchy cliff side drive to get to.

cinque terre50 3:15:15Lately, I have been trying to get back into running. Last April, I ran a half marathon, but ever since I have taken a break from running and have been struggling to get back into it.

cinque terre49 3:15:15I went for a run for the first time in a while the other day, and instead of thinking about the half marathon I want to run in October and all of the training, I just ran. I found my pace, and ran until I made it home again. I felt wonderful afterwards, and went for another run a couple days after that.cinque terre16 3:15:15These runs, amongst other things, have made me realize that I have been looking at training the wrong way. The focus shouldn’t be on the big picture, the end goal. Instead of thinking ‘I have to run a half marathon’ I just need to think ‘I should go for a run today’. Taking small steps is the only way to succeed. This applies to anything in my life that I stress out about. When writing a paper, I don’t need to think about how many words I need or how many sources, I just need to think about the first step, like writing an outline or finding a source, and then moving on to the next step.

cinque terre1 3:14:15For me, the only way I can get things done is to just get to the next step. The only way that we can move is foreword, as life continues to go on even if we don’t want it to. So instead of thinking about how many runs I need to do in a week, or how many fruits and veggies I need to eat in a meal, or how many papers I have left to write, I only need to think about my next run, and my next meal, my next paper, and work up from there. As the saying goes ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. It was built by taking it a day at a time, and this beautiful city was the result.

cinque terre19 3:15:15

Next post will be about the second half of spring break, spent in Athens and Santorini!

cinque terre31 3:15:15

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