Spring Break Pt 2

The second half of spring break was spent in Greece. I have always dreamt of going to Greece (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants greatly inspired me) and during the second half of spring break I lived out my dream and got to explore the incredible island of Santorini. We flew through Athens, but unfortunately didn’t get to spend too much time in Athens.

Acropolis Athens8 3:23:15

I absolutely love Greek mythology. I find it so fascinating, and so although I only had limited time in Athens, I had to see the Acropolis. For those of you who don’t know, Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War, was the Patron of Athens.

Athens5 3:18:15

The legend goes that both Athena and Poseidon wanted to be the Patron of Athens, and so the King, this dude who was half man and half snake (who were supposedly the original people of Athens) set up a contest for Poseidon and Athena, and whoever gave Athens the best gift got to be the Patron Deity.

me santorini sunset 3:19:15

Poseidon struck the earth with his spear, and a spring burst out. Athena grew the Greeks an Olive Tree, and the Athenians decided they liked the tree better and so Athena became the Patron of Athens. Obviously Poseidon was not pleased and thus began a feud between Poseidon and Athena. While all of this may or may not be true, its still a pretty cool story, and so going to the Acropolis, seeing the Temple of Athena and everything was incredible.

santorini beach4 3:20:15

Athens itself was a little less then impressive, but since I was only there for about a day and a half, I will refrain from commenting until I have the chance to go back and explore more of the city.

santorini doors 3:22:15

I was the only one of my group to take the ferry from Athens to Santorini, mostly because I am cheap and the ferry was about 60 euros less than a flight, and I also wanted to see the islands and the ocean. Even though the Ferry is long, I definitely recommend using it to go at least one way to whatever Island you choose, as it is much cheaper and the views are gorgeous.

ferry7 3:19:15

santorini volcano3 3:21:15

Santorini itself was also incredible. My group rented ATV’s for the two full days we were there. It was 15 euro for 24 hours, and it was definitely the best way to see the island. We explored everything, from the Black Sand beach to the red cliffs to the lighthouse at the point of the island.

Santorini sunset6 3:19:15

We watched the Sunset in Oia and ate Gyros in Kamari. While we almost drove off a couple cliffs (in my defense it was my first time ever driving an ATV), it was definitely worth loosing feeling in my hands from the cold.

Santorini Oia2 3:21:15

One of the days, we took a boat to the volcano, and hiked all around the volcano. It is my second volcano (first one was on the Big Island in Hawaii!), and the first time drinking wine on the top of a volcano. Definitely an experience.

santorini volcano5 3:21:15

Have I mentioned the food in Greece? Wow. Gyros may be in my top 10 favorite foods. They are just the right combination of awesomeness.

santorini gyro 3:20:15

The Tzatziki really brought it to another level. The baklava was also incredible. And the olive oil. The Saganaki. The Moussaka. Please, if you ever go to Greece, order everything you possibly can eat. Promise me. You will not be disappointed.

santorini desert 3:19:15

The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy with school work. I am traveling both upcoming weekends, and have lots of papers to write and presentations to start finish, so the blog will probably be put on a back burner until I am caught up. I’m trying to get into a normal running schedule, but that probably won’t really work out until I am back in DC, so right now I am just working out whenever I have time, doing pushups and planks when I need a break from school work.

santorini red beach3 3:20:15santorini red beach 3:20:15

Next post will be about my trip to the Necropolis, and then my Weekend in Paris!
santorini atving10 3:20:15

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