Stonehenge and Brighton

So my 20th birthday was in October. Yay! I am officially in my twenties. It’s kind of crazy though. I don’t feel any older, but I know I am no longer the person I was when I started college. I’m not even the person I was over the summer. We are always growing, changing, evolving as we see and learn more about the world and ourselves.

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Sorry, didn’t mean to get too philosophical on you. It must be the yogi in me.

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Anyways, for my birthday I took a trip out to Stonehenge and Bath. And let me tell you- it was amazing.
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We started off going on a coach bus to Bath. Although we were with a tour, we were given free reign to go to the Roman Baths in Bath and then walk around the town. We just had to be back to the bus by 13:20 (I have finally figured out military time!).

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The Bath museum was pretty cool. The most amazing part, however, was being able to walk outside around the actual bath, where Romans, and later Victorians used to gather and hang out in the steam and water. The natural spring that the water was from kept it quite hot, too.

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On our way out of the museum we got to drink some of the spring water. It surprisingly didn’t taste too bad, but I didn’t feel the healing properties working that they claimed the water had. The drinking water was also pretty warm, so that was gross.

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Next we made our way to Stonehenge. Not only were the green fields surrounding the area incredible, Stonehenge itself was amazing. You don’t realize how big it is until you are standing there, wondering why the hell they would put in the effort of making it.

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I learned that on the summer solstice, you could walk through and around the stones. I put that on my list, because while it was awesome seeing it from afar, I want to get as close as possible to really see what it is all about. The history behind the stones and the time they were made is also pretty interesting. I won’t bore you with it here, but I definitely recommend looking it up.

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The Monday after my birthday I went to Brighton for the day. And it was absolutely miserable. It rained almost the whole day. Like non-stop. The moment I got off the bus I was soaked through, and the wind blew away my feeble efforts to keep my hood up.

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To get out of the rain initially I headed to the first building I saw, which happened to be the aquarium.   The aquarium was dry, had some cool sharks, but if it hadn’t been raining I probably wouldn’t have been willing to pay to see it.

Brighton Coffee Shop1 10:06:14

The rest of the day was hoping between coffee shops, vintage stores, and a brief visit to the pier and the royal pavilion. The royal pavilion was also not cheap, and I was pretty much the only person under the age of 60, but it was cool to see where some of the royals would hang out.

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The best part of the trip was the sunset. By that point I had been to so many coffee shops my veins probably had more caffeine then blood, but it had stopped raining. I grabbed some fish and chips from the pier and sat on the (wet) stones that make up the beach. For all that I hated the rain and wind, the sunset over the ocean made all my cold and misery worth it.

Brighton sunset4 10:06:14

It was absolutely beautiful. I have always loved the ocean, and hearing the waves, sitting on the beach, watching the sky turn pink and gold and blue, I was thankful that I had suffered through the day to get to this point.

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Next post will be all about Edinburgh, and how to spend a day there on about 1 hour of sleep.

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