That Summer- Book Review

Title: That Summer

Author: Sarah Dessen




I love Sarah Dessen.  Her stories, her characters, the way that all her books connect, everything.  This book is about Haven, and her family.  Her father is getting remarried, her sister is getting married, and she feels like everything is falling out of control.  It is short and sweet, a coming of age story about coming to terms with your life and finding yourself when it seems like everything is changing.


Haven is our main character. She feels like she is too tall (which I so relate to, when I was that age I sprung up and was taller than everyone around me) and she is overwhelmed by all of the change that is happening.  Her sister, Ashley, is engaged, and she Haven doesn’t think that the guy is good enough for Ashley.  She misses Ashley’s former boyfriend, Sumner, because that was the last time she felt as though they were all a happy family.


Haven spent this book learning to grow up, which was so going.  It really brought me back to the time that I was 15 and felt awkward and unhappy.  She didn’t want things to change, but by the end of the book realized that everything has to change in order to grow, and that is the way life is.  This was Dessen’s first book, and I think it really showed with the writing style and the plot.  It was good, but not as developed as her later books. It felt a little to open ended to me, and the plot felt a little lacking.

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