The Land of Oz

Mid October, I boarded a plane, clicked my heels three  times, and was off to see the wizard.  I was finally going to the Land of Oz- Australia.  I had been planning to move to Australia for the last two years, and I was finally making it happen.  All I had planned was my first two weeks there, and after that, my pages were blank and ready to be filled.

After 19 (long) hours, and a layover in Fiji, my flight finally touched down in Sydney.  The first night, I was so exhausted, I collapsed on my bed and stayed there until morning.  The next day, I met some new friends, and we headed off to Watsons Bay to hike to the Hornby lighthouse, which is across from Sydney.

We took a ferry over there, and after a quick hike, we ended up at the beautiful lookout.  We ate fish and chips, and went back to the city center to explore the Botanical Gardens.  They had a chocolate exhibit, which basically involved us eating a lot of chocolate and looking at some flowers.

We found Mrs. Macquarie’s point, which looks over Sydney harbor, where the bridge and the opera house is.  I loved the botanical garden, which had a great walk just along the ocean, and ended up going back there three more days.  It was so gorgeous.

That night, I got to experience Sydney night life for the first time.  My hostel could definitely be described as a ‘party’ hostel, and it lived up to its reputation.  We all gathered in the kitchen for Goon (boxed wine) before heading out to the bars on Kings Cross. We went to an Irish Bar, and I got to try a snake bite, which is half beer, half cider, and raspberry syrup.  It was interesting.  I wouldn’t go as far and say it’s good, but I liked it better without the raspberry syrup.

The next morning, after a good sleep of about 3 hours, I decided to head over to the Art Gallery of New South Wales, which had a Frida Kahlo exhibit. The Gallery was really well done, and I was excited to see the exhibit.  I then headed back to the Botanical Gardens for a stroll by the water.

There was a great market down by the Rocks, an older part of Sydney, and I tried a Turkish Cozleme at one of the tents. We of course all went out that night, going to a club around the corner and dancing for hours. I really felt like I was getting the full Oz experience.

I managed to drag myself out of bed the next day and head over to Bondi Beach.  While Bondi Beach was beautiful, I thought it was a bit overrated given its popularity compared to the other beaches.

There is a walk along the coast from Bondi Beach to Coogie Beach, which is about 6km (3.7 miles).  It was extremely hot, and I was wishing that I had brought more water (or a snack), but the views are stunning.

The rest of my time in Sydney as spent exploring the city, going to the Aquarium, walking through the parks, and seeing as much of it as I could before the next part of my trip. It was a whirlwind of adventure, making new friends, and exploring the city. Too soon it became time to leave, and I hopped on a plane (literally, no one even checked my ID) and flew up to Cairns.



Next Post will be about Cairns and Scuba Diving!

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