Waffles and Frites

I am back in the states (for now), trying to catch up work, pack for Rome, and start working on my new years resolutions. I will probably do a post about them, but right now I am gonna talk about the lovely city of Brussels.

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I visited Brussels when I was still studying in London, from November 7th-9th. I went with 2 friends to visit a third that was studying there. And it was awesome.

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The city itself wasn’t my favorite, but the food, drinks, and company made the trip more than worth it. I ate my weight in waffles and frites, went to a brewery and drank pink beer.

Brussels Muesum1 11:9:14

The brewery was one of the coolest parts, because it was a local brewery, and we got to actually see the beer being made and packaged. It was so different from the Heineken brewery, because the focus wasn’t the tour but the making of the beer. It was honestly fascinating, and the beer was awesome. They made it and stored it in barrels, which changes the flavor (I thought it was fruitier than normal beer, but that might have just been me).

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We also went to the Rene Magritte Musée, who was a surrealist artist and did one of my favorite paintings, which is the painting of the pipe, and has written “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” which means, “this is not a pipe”. It was amazing seeing that in person, as well as some of his other art, including another favorite, “Spirit of Comedy”.

Brussels Museum6 11:9:14

One of the nights we went to a bar called “Delirium”, and the next we drank some wine and danced to 1989 in the airbnb that we were staying in. Both nights were great, and while I am glad that I got to experience the nightlife of Brussels, nothing beats drinking wine with friends that you don’t see often and talking all night. And Taylor Swift’s new album is awesome.

Brussels Brewery6 11:9:14

Anyways, my favorite part of Brussels (besides my friends, hi) was the food. 1 euro for a waffle that tasted like heaven in the form of dough with nutella spread on top.

Brussels Waffles 11:8:14

Frites that were perfectly fried and liberally salted, with kind of weirdly sweet but still good ketchup (although most people ate them with mayonnaise, but I wasn’t about that). I may be obsessing a little bit, but damn those frites and waffles were good. I will go back to Brussels (or anywhere in Belgium, really) to eat some more of those waffles. Not kidding.

Brussels Brewery11 11:9:14

Anyways, next post will be about my final week in London, and then I will be talking about my trip to Puerto Rico!!

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